What is a

Market Area


What is a Market Area Report?

A Market Area Report is the first and most important step when conducting a market analysis. We plot your clients, draw boundaries and create a focused market analysis for all your marketing activities.


Included in the report are custom maps, market summaries, and target market segmentations. Completely understanding the market you serve eliminates the guess work and solves the problem.

Our Process

Plot your clients to inmate your market analysis

Location of members map MarketAreaReports.com

Geographic patterns emerge through strategic segmented marking, making your clients stand out through our powerful techniques.

Next, density models draw your market area

Market Area Report, Lead Generation, Direct Mail

Our methods show a 90% purchase rate comes from within your market area. Our proprietary niche marketing analysis defines your clients.

Penetration models transform your marketing tactics

Market Area, Target Market, Area Penetration

Market Area Reports deliver maps demonstrating basic information like household composition with the potential of finding psychographic trends.

Market Area, Targeted Marketing, Lead Generation, Direct Mail Marketing

Research shows that you’re 90% more likely to attract new clients from inside your market area.

Market Area, Targeted Marketing, Lead Generation, Direct Mail Marketing, market analysis

Make Your Marketing Dollars Work Smarter!

Without a market area map, and instead determining your market area based on zip codes or mailing routes alone, you have NO ability to exclude those households or businesses with low/no likelihood of ever converting into customers.