Market Area Reports tell a visual story of your customer’s journey from brand awareness to final purchase.

For Marketers

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    Maximize Direct Mail ROI

    Determine PRECISE and accurate distribution routes and exclude areas with low return (click here to learn more about Direct Mail).

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    Out of Home & Billboard Advertising

    Where are the highest groups of existing and potential customers? Use the map to choose the EXACT right spot for your ad.

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    Improve your Digital Strategy

    Specific LOCAL content resonates best with audiences. Seeing those areas with the heaviest densities can help you tell the right message to the right people.

Lead Generation

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    Find Your Customers?

    Holes or pockets exist due to low client penetration. Market Area Report’s techniques fill in the holes to transform into clusters. With a unique approach to data mining and cleansing, we find the best candidates and leave out the rest.

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    Identify Your Customers?

    Using more than demographic information, Market Area Reports takes a tactical approach to apply psychographic and behavioral trends. Simple shopping and interest patterns show an intelligent picture for ideal customers.

Client Analysis

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    Survey Design and Analysis

    Creating or deploying a survey’s, requires deep and accurate insights. Being a local gives some insight but we’ve got the tools to figure out what the people in a your community care about. You have questions, we have answers.

Location Research

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    Buying New Property

    Deciding where to open your business (or where to expand next) requires a deep knowledge of your target area and population. We’ll plot your competition and THEIR customers to see how you can increase/decrease overlap and visualize your target market.