Direct Mail Analytics provides insights for use in a wide variety of business and marketing applications.

  • Business Location Scouting

    Looking to expand or open a new business? When prospecting, it’s crucial to know the market area around you. From your competition to traffic patterns and geography, we have the insights you need for smarter development decisions.

  • Build a Better Mailing List

    Generic mailing lists produce marginal returns. Go custom and build an audience that looks and acts like your existing customers! Higher ROI and better accuracy means stronger campaigns.

  • Know Your Customers

    Find out what your IDEAL customer looks like: purchase patterns, interests, demographics, location, and more!

  • Population Statistics & Survey Design

    Curious about the demographic make-up of a particular region? Go further and gain insights on the block group level. Reduce waste spending and save time by targeting only those areas that matter most.

  • Offline Customer Profiles

    Marry your digital and offline data with a complete portrait of your customer. Supplement your social media and web traffic analytics with a visual map and breakdown of your audience base. Learn how to target more precisely and where to focus future marketing efforts.