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What is a Market Area Report?

Figuring our where to place a new business location, can be the most important decision you make as a business owner. At MAR, we can conduct a preliminary search to help your business qualify neighborhoods, so that you can find a location in a new market with confidence.

Read our journal entry to get a better understanding of how MAR does this.

How MAR Qualifies a New Market

First, we run a Market Area Report on the business we’re trying to replicate.

Market Area Report, Lead Generation, Direct Mail

We run our core product, so that we can create profile of the business that your are trying to replicate.

We run our custom search method over the prospect city.

Systematic Radius Search

Our custom search methodology will allow us to create profiles of dozens of neighborhoods in the city that you’re interested in.

Analyzing the demographics important to your business.

Systematic Radius Search

We’ll identify the areas in the prospect neighborhoods that closely match your existing business.

Market Area, Targeted Marketing, Lead Generation, Direct Mail Marketing

Entering a new market, and finding a new location can be the most important element to a successful business.