What is Direct Mail List Analytics?

Its all about establishing market potential and penetration.

Keep reading to understand how with Direct Mail List analytics.

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First we’ll map your clients, so that we can understand which neighborhoods your clients live in. Next we’ll assign neighborhood values using income, distance from the business, home value and other variables. Last, we’ll report a “High, Medium, or Low” segmentation value for the neighborhood.

Look: Easily drag the line across the map to see how we establish neighborhood attractiveness.

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The fact is looking closer look at the map, giant holes develop in the yellow and red neighborhoods. Market Area Reports research shows that low attractiveness neighborhoods (red areas), are less likely to respond to your marketing efforts.

Drag the line across the market map to see how client density differs from penetration and identifying target groups.

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Look how attractive Westchase appears using only zip code methods. Under further examination our analytics show that holes develop and tells us areas to avoid within this segmentation that we can key in on properly.

Drag the line across the market map to see the risk of wasting marketing dollars on large zip codes

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Neighborhood attractiveness, provides you with a count report by area and demographic profile, so you’ll know exactly how many prospects to target!

Important factors to Direct Mail Campaigns

Where is my Market Area?

Market Area Reports has developed neighborhood attractiveness to help your business understand where to target.  Most businesses don’t have or don’t want to commit the budget to mail to every metro area. Let us help you find your niche market.

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Seeing your existing customers plotted at the granular “block group” level will allow us to look at the map and clearly see where you have the most customers, then find more areas like these to start targeting.

Without a block group analysis, you’ll have to target at the zip code level, which will contain non-ideal areas, and thus wasted marketing dollars.

Looking for more clients?

Perhaps you’re interested in building a customer profile? Analyzing your customer data allows us to paint the picture of WHO your best customers are, so we can go after more people just like them. Using your data is a key contributing factor.

Summary of Households Available For Purchase Direct Mail List Analytics Marketing

Market Area Reports uses other demographic segmentations to target real clients. We can get a LOT of information about the people who live in a block group.

We do use demographic information like age, income, or home value to behavioral data about where they like to shop, what websites they like to visit, and other psychographics to build a profile identifying your Market Area!

Don’t have a customer list? Don’t worry!

Build your custom mailing list based on the geographic, demographic, and behavioral data that matters to YOU. Order online now!