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How to Define Your Market Area

How to Define your Market Area

How to define the market area of a business can be a rather tricky, subjective, and important subject. A lot of marketers believe that the market area is defined by a set of zip codes that are closest to the business location, or they believe that a network of major roads lets them know where…

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Qualifying a Market for a New Business Location

If you’re like most small businesses, then your number one goal is growth. But establishing and maintaining solid growth year over year can be extremely challenging, especially if you have been in business for a long while. According to the Statistics of US Businesses, there are roughly 6.7 million businesses in the United States that…

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Establishing Locations to Target in Google AdWords

Hollywood Sign. Journal Post by

Today, every business needs to understand how to do online marketing. Its one of the cornerstones of an overall effective marketing strategy, and it’s the only way to reach outside of your immediate area. Sure you can have salespeople who sell your products in other parts of the country, but if you’re like most businesses…

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Not All Market Areas are Created Equally

Market Analysis Strategy, chess pieces

Not All Market Areas are Created Equally In my post entitled “Knowing Your Market Area,” we discussed the importance of knowing the market that you serve. For this entry, I wanted to take a look at a few different ways that research firms think about defining a business’s market area and what differentiates MAR (Market…

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Knowing Your Market Area

Understanding your market area

Two of the most effective ways to increase your response to your marketing efforts is knowing who and where to target. In my opinion, too many businesses focus too much of their time on the creative and the offer, and not enough time on who and where to target. Yes, the creative and the offer…

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What is Industry Analysis?

what is industry analysis

The difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful business is in large part due to the knowledge and data used to inform decisions. There are niches available in every corner of almost every market, but understanding those niches and how to fill them effectively is an area of expertise that not many are versed…

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Telephone Market Research

telephone market research

Gone are the days where the newspaper prevails all marketing strategies. While the newspaper is certainly no slouch in the digital age, it’s transformed into something much different. Exactly like the telephone. However, the telephone has only grown in importance. While the fast paced world that we navigate through is rife with information, surveys, marketing,…

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Target Market Analysis Sample Business Plan

target market analysis report

Target market analysis is an essential step in any successful marketing plan. Empower your business and inform your decisions with data-driven analysis of local markets, ensuring that your sales strategy is targeted to the appropriate individuals. Don’t waste time marketing to people who have a low prospect to customer conversion rate. Experience improved conversion rate,…

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Getting Accurate Target Market Research

getting accurate target market research

When you’re searching for accurate target market research it can be difficult to know where to begin. The task can be mammoth under most circumstances and end up breaking the budget. These types of reports are difficult to generate and require research in accurate and directed efforts. It can be extremely difficult to find target…

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Finding Psychographic Trends in Your Target Market

finding psychographic trends in your target market

Knowing the psychographic trends of your target market can assist your marketing strategies massively. Your understanding as a business of your customers and their economic status, gender, buying habits, age, and more will determine potentiality of your business and ease market confidence into your life. There are plenty of data points to help improve your…

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Understanding Your Customers

understanding your customers

When you know what matters to your customers you will most certainly grow your business in better ways. In today’s social world your customers are sharing their information across numerous different platforms and in various ways. Their lives are complicated and integrated in more ways than we could ever imagine or truly understand. One of…

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Customer Demographic Data

customer demographic data

Reach the customers that will be the most interested in your product or service through better segmentation of your data. Market Area Reports offers exceptional customer demographic data and targeting of where your customers are located in your city or location areas. You can get more from your data when you use our demographic mapping…

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Find Your Target Audience

find your target audience

Market Area Reports is marketing made easy. We offer simple products that can really improve marketing strategy at your company. The first product is a comprehensive analysis of where your customers are. It’s crucial for you to find your target audience and get to know their habits. This way you can improve your marketing content…

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Where Are My Customers?

where are my customers

Obtaining customers and finding new customers is crucial to growing your business. A common question that entrepreneurs ask is, “How can I bring more customers to my business?” Market Area Reports helps you to define your target market audience and know exactly where to spend your marketing dollars. These helpful business market research reports help…

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Target Market Analysis Report

target market analysis report

Business leaders all understand that having a market area report on their customers and their demographics at their fingertips is like catching a glimpse inside the mind of your clientele.  This type of information helps you to improve marketing effectiveness and adjust your strategies. It helps drive not only targeted marketing but also the key…

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Improve Marketing Strategy

Improve Market Strategy

Develop or improve marketing strategy options and learn about the new ways of understanding your customers with Market Area Reports. Our proprietary algorithm provides you with a comprehensive target market analysis report that helps you visually understand your customers and potential consumers that may be interested in your product or services. We help you maximize…

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Target Market Report

target market report

Market Area Reports is the go-to place for target market report analysis and data that can empower your business and inform your decisions. This type of data can truly make or break your business. Our client centered approach begins with a discussion of your business, and the types of challenges that you are currently experiencing.…

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Improve Market Effectiveness

improve marketing effectiveness

In our fast-paced world business owners and marketing professionals are always looking for the next thing that can improve marketing effectiveness. When you really get down to it, most leaders advise that there are a few primary categories of marketing content and tools. Out of those few, there is one that can truly transform the…

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Business Market Research Reports

business market research reports

Our process for intelligent business market research reports is quite simple. We have a passion for analyzing data and providing clear, concise answers to the questions you have about your business market. Most business owners do not have time to mine data and analyze it to maximize their potential sales with data informed marketing. They…

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Target Market Analysis

Market Area

Market Area Reports offers target market analysis research that can help you ensure your business has the edge on new clientele and assist you in tailoring your services and products to ensure that you are delivering them in the most intelligent way. We offer an instrumental way to understand your market. Don’t believe us? Request…

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What is Market Segmentation?

Market Segmentation Market Area Reports.

Market Segmentation is one of the key components of a comprehensive market analysis. Market segmentation is the idea that the marketer will divide the market up into to different segments or groups so that they can target the segments in different ways. In Marketing, the term is known as STP (Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning) –…

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Direct Mailing List

direct mailing list

For decades, businesses have used direct mail as a form of marketing. This particular tactic is chosen for its success rates among business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Market Area Reports has mastered direct mail campaigns and can provide your business with a carefully crafted direct mailing list that is compiled via area analytics. What exactly are…

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Direct Mailing List Service

direct mailing list service

Businesses both small and large have used direct mail as a form of marketing for decades. If you are a new business owner, or your company’s marketing department is looking for a fresh angle, consider using Market Area Reports for your direct mailing list service. As any good marketing person knows, analytics fuel most calculated…

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Direct Mail Lists

direct mail lists

Direct mail lists have been an integral part of business plans for decades. Market Area Reports provides direct mail lists based on powerful research and analytics, meaning that you will have a higher ROI than you would without list guidance. What exactly is direct mail list analytics, how can your company benefit from them, and…

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Best Direct Mailing List Service

best direct mailling list service

For the best direct mailing list service around, look no further than Market Area Reports. Our data driven and analytics based mailing list compilation service will ensure that your business achieves an improved ROI. At Market Area Reports, we correlate your current customer profiles with our advanced area analytics to identify your potential new customers.…

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How to Build the Best Mail List

Direct Mail Marketing Lists

Let’s face it, mailing list research is not a particularly exciting topic. But when it’s time to mail your direct mail piece, its an extremely important topic. In my post, The 5 Best Practices for Success with Direct Mail, I highlighted the 5 most important things to do when creating a direct mail campaign. One…

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Direct Mail Marketing Lists

direct mail marketing lists

Maximize your marketing efforts by sending direct mail to your potential clients. Our targeted Direct Mail Marketing Lists help you to reach out to the people that will be the most interested in your product or service in a certain area. If you have multiple locations, we recommend tailoring mailing lists direct for those locations.…

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EDDM vs. Direct Mail

Old YMCA building from the mid 40's

EDDM vs. Direct Mail In the research business, I’m often asked about EDDM mailings, specifically how they compare to Direct Mail targeting. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail, and it is a relatively new product offering from the USPS. It’s interesting because it allows the user to go to the USPS’s website and systematically…

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